Cheltenham Science Festival 2013

Me outside the Eureka tent before my talk

Just back from Cheltenham Science Festival 2013 after giving a talk on bats and serial killers in ‘Just So Science’ in the Eureka tent. My colleague Chris Faulkes also spoke about naked mole-rats, and the audience also heard about Tasmanian devils, Burmese pythons and axolotls. Thanks to host Vivienne Parry, who presents the Radio 4 series ‘Just So Science’, for the invitation. The talk went well, and it was a gloriously sunny day – a fantastic trip.

Seminar at Jodrell Laboratory

Seminar at the Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew today, on geographic profiling. A great place to visit, and some promising collaborations to explore. Another seminar tomorrow at Reading University, then a third at Durham University next Tuesday.