James Borrell

James Borrell is a NERC funded PhD student working with Dr. Buggs and Prof. Nichols at Queen Mary, University of London.

James is a graduate from the University of Exeter, with a strong interest in the effects of habitat fragmentation on gene flow in natural populations. In particular, the conservation genetics of woody tree species in heavily fragmented landscapes. James’ PhD research will utilise the recently completed draft genome sequence of Betula nana to optimise its conservation in the Scottish Highlands.

James also has experience undertaking scientific fieldwork and leadership on a number of over-seas expeditions. Supplementary research interests include rapid biodiversity surveys and camera trap studies, with a focus on engaging local people and protecting novel areas of conservation importance. James speaks regularly in schools encouraging students to undertake research expeditions as a personal development opportunity.


Borrell, J. (2012) Rapid assessment protocol for pollen settling velocity: Implications for habitat fragmentation. Bioscience Horizons, volume 5. (Bioscience Horizons (2012) 5 doi: 10.1093/biohorizons/hzs002)

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