Chris Faulkes, Steve Le Comber and Nigel Bennett - mole-rat hunting in Lesotho, 2010

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Click here for background info on naked mole-rats
Meet The Sabre-Toothed Sausage (BBC News, Science and Environment)
Understanding Animal Research (Interview/link)
The web of life. A multiauthored Internet project containing information about phylogeny and biodiversity. (
Mole-rat Research at the University of Pretoria (
Naked mole-rats live at the National Zoo, Washington D.C. (
Naked Mole-rat Genome Resource – Preliminary naked mole-rat genome sequence (approx. 20x fold coverage using the Illumina/Solexa platform).
Lorna Ellen Faulkes Photography
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African mole-rats

African mole-rats: Ecology and Eusociality now available in paperback. Link to Amazon / Cambridge University Press

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