Mark Stevenson


I work in the area of spatial ecology, trying to predict the movement and dispersal of organisms through their environment.

Specifcally I design ‘Geographic Profiling’ methods (a technique first developed in criminology to catch serial offenders) and apply these novel approaches to biological systems.

My work has focussed on: Invasive species, epidemiology and biological dispersal


From Jack the Ripper to Epidemiology and ecology. Steven C Le Comber, Mark D Stevenson. Trends in ecology & evolution. (impact factor: 11.56). 04/2012; DOI:10.1016/j.tree.2012.03.004

Geographic profiling as a novel spatial tool for targeting the control of invasive species. Mark D Stevenson, D K Rossmo, R J Knell, S C Le Comber. Ecography

Research experience 

  • Sep 2009–present
    Research: Geographic Profiling in biological Systems
    Queen Mary, University of London · SBCS
    United Kingdom · London


  • Sep 2010–Sep 2013
    Queen Mary, University of London
    Geographic Profiling in Biology · PhD
    United Kingdom · London
  • Sep 2009–Sep 2010
    Imperial College London
    Ecology, Evolkution and Conservation · Masters
    United Kingdom · London
  • Sep 2006–Sep 2009
    Imperial College London
    Zoology · Bsc
    United Kingdom · London

Awards & achievements

  • Mar 2012
    Award: Prize for Postgraduate Talk at SBCS 3rd year conference



  • Languages: English, Basic Mandarin
  • Scientific Memberships:British Ecological Soceity, Society of Biology
  • Other Interests :Martial Arts Instructor (Wing Chun and Tai Chi)



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