Leitch group – past and present

Wenjia (Emily) Gu. PhD student (2018-2022). The interaction of Nitrogen and Phosphorus and plant genome size with the growth of Plants. Recipient of a CSC scholarship.

Leif Bersweden (2019 (2021). Genomic evidence for polyphyly and inter-lineage hybridization within Orchis purpurea Huds. (Orchidaceae). NERC student

Luca Pegoraro. PhD student (2016-2020). The Evolution of Asteraceae in the European Alps. Recipient of Harding Alpine Research Scholarship.

Dr Shah Khalid (2019), soil ecologist visiting with a British Council grant from Islamia College Peshawar, Pakistan, to build collaborations on projects investigating soil health on plant growth.

Dr Laura Kelly, expert phylogeneticist (2009-2012). Fritillaria genomics (Giant Genomes) and NGS analysis. See her webpage.

Dr Monika Struebig, expert in NGS technologies.  Previously worked on holocentric chromosomes in

Dr Lu Ma (2012-2014), expert molecular cytogeneticist, with expertise in fluorescent in situ hybridisation (FISH), immunocytochemistry and artificial chromosome construction in plants. He is currently working as a Marie Curie Fellow on Giant Genomes.

Dr Peter Day, Ph.D. student (2010-2013). Fritillaria genetics and phylogenetics, phylogenetic reconstruction methodologies.

Dr Nian Wang, Ph.D. student (2011-2014). Betula hybridisation, polyploidy and speciation; genetics, phylogenetics, and evolution.

Dr Brian Yap, Ph.D. student (2011-2014). Paphiopedilum taxonomy, phylogenetics, cytogenetics and evolution.

Dr Steven Dodsworth, Ph.D. student (2012-2015). Nicotiana genomics, evolution of genome structures, epigenetics and polyploidy. See his webpage.

Dr Maïté Guignard, Ph.D. student (2012-2015). Linking genome size evolution and macronutrient availability in freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems.

Dr Sarah Seco Leite, PhD student (2013-2017). The role of genome size in the efficiency of photosynthesis.

Dr Wencai Wang, Ph.D. student (2012-2015). Epigenetics and genome structure evolution in gymnosperms.

Dr Jeannine Marquardt, Ph.D. student (2012-2015). Hybridisation in bluebells.

Dr Hannes Becher, postgraduate intern (2013-2014). Fluorescent in situ hybridisation (FISH) and genome analysis in Fritillaria.

Colleagues now elsewhere

Simon Renny-Byfield (2009-2012), worked on Nicotiana polyploidy, NGS sequence analysis and fluorescent in situ hybridisation. Now working with Jonathan Wendel in Iowa.

Dr Mike Chester (2007- 2010), worked on Allium telomeres, now working on Tragopogon polyploids with the Soltis’ group in Florida.

Dr Elizabeth McCarthy (2007-2010), worked on the influence of polyploidy on Nicotiana flower development.  Now working at the New York Botanical Garden.

We are particularly thankful for the close collaboration of our friends and colleagues in the labs run by: Dr Ales Kovarik, Dr Marie Angele Grandbastien, Dr Lily Ainouche, Professor Mark Chase, Professor Sandra Knapp, Dr Jiri Macas, Dr Ilia Leitch, Dr Mike Fay, Professor Doug Soltis, Professor Pam Soltis.