We have several major projects that are based on related themes:

Speciation and introgression in bats

Many clades of bats have undergone rapid diversification, though little is known about the processes by which bats speciate. Speciation in bats might be faciliatated by the fact that their ultrasonic calls simultaneously influence prey size, habitat use and social communication. Some bat species also show a tight coupling between their auditory and vocalisation systems.

Members of the lab are combining genetic and genomic methods to study genetic divergence across loci. Xiuguang Mao (Marie Curie Research Fellow) is studying introgression and divergence among populations of Chinese horseshoe bats, and Hao-Chih Kuo (PhD student) is focusing on population structure in Taiwanese tube-nosed bats. Recently Seb Bailey (PhD student) joined the lab and is studying mechanisms of diversification in horseshoe bats.

Mating systems and parentage

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Molecular adaptations

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