Genomic Convergence Pipeline

The Genomic Convergence Pipeline is software being developed by the Rossiter Group to analyze genome-scale genetic data to look for signals of molecular convergence. The pipeline API consists of Java wrapper and utility classes, JNI-C objects and third-party software. A public release is under preparation: in the meantime please e-mail Joe Parker ( for details.

Fire-ant genome BLAST

A BLAST resource for the genome of the fire-ant Solenopsis invicta is maintained by Yannick Wurm. See here.

Dwarf birch genome

A draft of the dwarf birch genome Betula nana  are available through Richard Buggs. E-mail him for details.

Supplementary information and reprints

Additional information and PDF reprints from group members’ publications:

Joe Parker, Georgia Tsagkogeorga, James A. Cotton, Elia Stupka & Stephen J. Rossiter, 2012. Signatures of genome-wide convergent molecular evolution: initial results. Poster presented at SMBE 2012, Dublin, June 23-26 2012. [Supp. information]

Wurm Y and 37 others, 2011. The genome of the fire ant Solenopsis invicta. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 108(14):5679-5684. [PDF] [Supp. Data]

Wurm Y, Uva P, Ricci F, Wang J, Jemielity S, Iseli C, Falquet L, Keller L, 2009. Fourmidable: a database for ant genomics. BMC Genomics 10(5), 5. [PDF] [Ant genome blast server]